Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fashion Newsreels

This is from the 1930's. They are showing what they think will be worn in year 2000. Pretty funny and awesome.

1950's Handbag's

1950's Swim Wear

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Vintage Cuba - Music and Carteles

My mother was born in Matanzas, Cuba and grew up in the States as a child. I was born here in the states and I love everything about being a Cuban America. And yes, I love America as well. I love all history and enjoy learning new things. Below are some images and singers that I really admire.

The Lecuona Cuban Boys was a popular Cuban orchestra which toured the world for over forty years.The band was founded by Ernesto Lecuona, whose role was that of a patron-entrepreneur. He did not actually play with the band, but sometimes give a piano recital before the band played. The core of the band was put together in 1931 as Orquesta Encanto; the band changed name early in 1934.

Visit Cuba tour poster

Cuban salsa singer Celiz Cruz (1925-2003) Born in Cuba, Cruz spent most of her life singing and recording in the United States, but she was known throughout the world as the “Queen of Salsa.” By the end of her career, she had 23 gold records and 3 Grammy’s to her name

Celia in action singing "Guantanamera"

I really like Carteles. It was a Cuban Magazine published weekly in Cuba for 30 years starting in the 1930's. I also dig a lot of the old vacation posters, actresses & musicians from the golden era of Cuba.

1930's Magazine Cover- Carteles

1950's Carteles Cover


1940's Cigar Box Cover

Ninon Sevilla - Cuban Actress and singer. Pretty much a Cuban Carmen Miranda.